International Women’s Day – Tribute post

In honor of International Women’s Day I’d like to give a shout out to my good friend Amanda Crow.
We recently did a photo shoot with her 2 rescued pitbulls for Pin ups for Pitbulls. A non profit organization; “PFPB hopes to end discrimination, abuse, and the unnecessary killing of pit bull-type dogs around the world–all the while dreaming that one day, PFPB will no longer be needed.”

She also was a guest writer on Your Daily Vegan on the topic of International Women’s Day and Veganism. She wrote an excellent article 2 years ago that’s growing in popularity that you can read here.

To Amanda & all women today and always, keep sharing your compassion with the world and never apologize for it. All we need is love and love is all we need.

Spring Lambs = Love <3

I don’t know about you, but its been a long Winter for me! So glad to see plants peaking and longer daylight hours. Also super thankful for these Spring lambs at Jacob’s Heritage Farm, for making my heart grow a bit more. How precious are these twins? Born on St. Patrick’s Day, these two sure are lucky! Springs official in 2 days, and I couldn’t be more excited! Need to get out with the camera more!

And then there were 5!

I got the chance to witness an introduction of a new horse at the stables. What a beautiful experience it was! Everyone meet Blue and his new herd. These are just a couple of my favorite shots. I really need to learn how to post the videos. There’s only one pic of Blue here, but don’t worry, I see me and him hanging out a lot more in our future!


My kid and pictures!

I swear my dog-kid hates his picture taken. And I just have to put positive vibes out there that when I have a real kid, they will love me and all my pictures!! Haha  HEY a girl can dream alright? Anyways, check out some of the faces my boy gives me when he looks straight into my camera. This ‘shoot’ was a fail if you ask me, but his expressions and ignoring me are hilarious! Good one Dillon, you win! Love you buddy!

Spring Fever Love Fest

These 2 are the greatest match made in heaven. They are perfect for each other and its kinda crazy, how crazy they are for each other! I’m honored to do their ‘engagement shoot’, as we like to call it. This is M&M. Margaret & Marlin. And you’ve probably seen me talk about Margaret before. She’s a fellow photographer, and this is what happens when you love your dog and have cool friends! You can see her awesome work here: