R Family | Babb Run Park |

There’s something really special watching how simple & beautiful a family is.  This session was full of doting side glances,  tender hugs and grasps.

There is also some competition apparent in rock skipping.  Little Roman is sure to be a natural, as his parents are pro’s!

Loved watching this family interact and enjoy their hike as I captured their Love.

Thank you to the R Family. Please know I am grateful for this opportunity.

International Women’s Day – Tribute post

In honor of International Women’s Day I’d like to give a shout out to my good friend Amanda Crow.
We recently did a photo shoot with her 2 rescued pitbulls for Pin ups for Pitbulls. A non profit organization; “PFPB hopes to end discrimination, abuse, and the unnecessary killing of pit bull-type dogs around the world–all the while dreaming that one day, PFPB will no longer be needed.”

She also was a guest writer on Your Daily Vegan on the topic of International Women’s Day and Veganism. She wrote an excellent article 2 years ago that’s growing in popularity that you can read here.

To Amanda & all women today and always, keep sharing your compassion with the world and never apologize for it. All we need is love and love is all we need.

The Wright Gang

“Love your family. Spend time, be kind & serve one another.
Make no room for regrets. Tomorrow is not promised & today is short.” -Unknown

Meet Katie, Dominick, and Katie’s brother Tim. This year they lost their sister. We created some portraits to hold her memory and to have updated pictures. Remember now and always to hug your friends and family and always say I Love You!

the gift of love

Sometimes in life its hard to return your gratitude for others. But there’s no better way to do it, then the great power of love! Love of people surrounding you and love pouring through music into our hearts. This past Sunday I was invited to a family celebration. To thank certain people for their unwavering love & support. These special people completed their dream home, and they couldn’t deserve it more! There was beautiful music provided by Troubadours of Divine Bliss. This was quite a memory for the books. As the sun was shining, the kids were laughing and the fresh food was delicious. Here’s a quick video for your viewing pleasure:

You can purchase their music HERE and like them on Facebook HERE


Ohio Maple Syrup

I’m always up for something new, so I love that my friend Charlotte invited me to help with her family’s maple syrup production. I had recently upgraded my camera, so I was even more excited to get outdoors. You can see they take their maple syrup pretty serious, and I love all of the different tools and equipment they have. Afterwards, we had fresh corn bread with fresh syrup and boy did that hit the spot!