ATV trip to McHenry, MD

This year I went a bit crazy and financed a four wheeler. There isn’t too many places to go where I live, so when we got invited to Deep Creek Maryland, there was no passing up the chance! If I could use one word to describe the entire trip, it would be “Spoiled”! Our friend’s let us stay in a beautiful cabin they had reserved for the anniversary! We stopped at Swallow Falls State Park, which by the way was packed with people with either the Fall Foilage lovers and/or the national parks being shut down and closed. This park had a lot of damage from Storm Sandy, but was still breath taking. I have been four wheeling in some pretty places, but riding in the mountains here was just absolutely perfect. I’ve never had so much fun, let alone I had my camera strapped on my quad! Best trails, best views and a chance to capture it all! Great trip and will be going back in the future!

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