Knowlton Natural Decor Studio – Located at Peace by Piece Gallery

Below are samples of what you may find in one of the studios upstairs at Peace by Piece gallery in Seville. These are all one of  a kind, custom, local harvested treasures made by Charlotte! One thing I couldn’t capture, is how the SMELL in this room is completely captivating! Contact Knowlton Natural Decor Studio for your own custom pieces, or hurry to downtown Seville and experience it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. Well, unless they are out of local cider, in that case you better get there soon! Make a day out of it, have lunch downtown and check out what else this quaint town has to offer. You can also find her work down the street at Funky Junk Boutique!

My nature photography is up for sale!

Good news friends! You can now find my fine art nature photography on canvas in downtown Seville, OH. It is located at the newly renovated Seville Inn, and its called Peace by Piece Gallery. This location is filled with more than 20 local & fair trade artists! Below is a glimpse of my work that is up, along with other amazing pieces available. They also have studios upstairs packed with unique items. One of them is my friend Charlotte at Knowlton Natural Decor Studio, and you can see my post about her room HERE!! Also available is Knowlton Family Maple Syrup which you can see the process Here!   Buy local this holiday season, grab your family and friends and head to Seville! I promise you’ll find something you can’t leave without!

ATV trip to McHenry, MD

This year I went a bit crazy and financed a four wheeler. There isn’t too many places to go where I live, so when we got invited to Deep Creek Maryland, there was no passing up the chance! If I could use one word to describe the entire trip, it would be “Spoiled”! Our friend’s let us stay in a beautiful cabin they had reserved for the anniversary! We stopped at Swallow Falls State Park, which by the way was packed with people with either the Fall Foilage lovers and/or the national parks being shut down and closed. This park had a lot of damage from Storm Sandy, but was still breath taking. I have been four wheeling in some pretty places, but riding in the mountains here was just absolutely perfect. I’ve never had so much fun, let alone I had my camera strapped on my quad! Best trails, best views and a chance to capture it all! Great trip and will be going back in the future!