Blessed to be a 2nd Shooter

This year I’ve been really blessed to have great people in my life. I welcome any opportunity to second shoot, especially weddings! If you haven’t noticed, I’ve learned a lot this year. Much thanks to Janicki Photography for all the help.

This story below is a indoor natural wedding. While prepping she told us how she planned 3 weddings,…and the final decision was at home with close friends and family. How perfect is that? So much love, and everlasting memories.

Ohio Maple Syrup

I’m always up for something new, so I love that my friend Charlotte invited me to help with her family’s maple syrup production. I had recently upgraded my camera, so I was even more excited to get outdoors. You can see they take their maple syrup pretty serious, and I love all of the different tools and equipment they have. Afterwards, we had fresh corn bread with fresh syrup and boy did that hit the spot!